inerTEAM helps coaches and athletes maintain their top performance during the season and off season. Optimize your team by knowing they’re getting the training they need, even when you’re not on the field to guide them.

Gain a competitive edge

  • Start the season with your athletes in peak condition and ready to win
  • Have your athletes stay at the top of their game throughout the year
  • Realize team potential through a unique program for athletes

Stay engaged year round

  • Access cool technology that’s more usable than paper packets
  • Share team training and add individual customization as needed
  • Access an ever-expanding knowledge base of exercises

Optimize team fitness

  • Keep athletes motivated and focused with dynamic guidance
  • Accommodate athletes’ schedules, preferences, and locations
  • Take advantage of a program that maximizes each athlete’s skills
Choose inerTEAM: The year-round fitness program for college athletes

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