Start the Season ReadyToWin

inerTEAM is a unique year-round strength & conditioning program for professional and amateur athletes

Gain a competitive edge

Stay engaged year round

Optimize athlete performance

  • Start the season in peak condition
  • Stay in top condition throughout the year
  • Realize team potential through a unique program for athletes
  • Say goodbye to paper packets and use technology to your advantage
  • Workouts available when you need them
  • Access an ever-expanding knowledge base of exercises
  • Keep athletes motivated and focused with dynamic guidance
  • Match athletes’ schedules, preferences, and locations
  • Take advantage of a program that maximizes each athlete’s potential

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Passionate people


Killer apps


Peak performance

inerTEAM in action 24/365

inerTEAM is focused on year-round excellence. Strength. Conditioning. Mental and physical performance fine-tuned to the highest level. You will be covered pre-season, during the season, and post-season:
“I’m thrilled that we can provide the inerTEAM system to our students to help them reach their full athletic potential. I’ve used the related inerTRAIN system since 2011 for individuals in PE classes, and now to have this team system supporting our athletic teams is a win-win for coaches and athletes alike!”

Jeanne Hess, Professor of Physical Education & Head Volleyball Coach • Kalamazoo College

“The inerTEAM system improves the ease of creating and implementing programs for teams. Athletes access their programs from their smartphones, tablets, or computers while communicating with their strength coach and fellow athletes about the workout. This program will revolutionize how strength coaches deliver in and off season training programs and significantly improve athlete compliance across all sports.”

Stacie VanLuven Harris, MA, CSCS • Founder, The Studio

Like to put inerTEAM to work for you?